Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Picks For The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009

Well, how will I start this? Oh, these are my picks for Janette Toral's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs. I found these great blogs, made by great bloggers even though they are still newbies in this field. I, myself, am a newbie too. But being inspired, moved, and to feel all these emotions evoked by these influential bloggers. I know, they deserve the spot on that top 10 list. And now, I give you my list:

1. Dr. Lorenzo Bernandino of Zorlone - he's a doctor, what's good about it? He's not your ordinary doctor, a doctor who writes great poems, even in an ordinary passing day. Making wonderful poems out of the everyday life that comes in his way. Imagine?

2. Roy Dela Cruz of The Struggling Blogger - anything, and everything under the sun. I learned about him from his "Letters to Mama", for me that is love beyond comprehension. For me, that makes him an influential blogger.

3. Jan Geronimo of Writing to exhale - Straight forward. I can say that because of his posts. He writes what he wants, writes with no worries, but ends up with a great work of art. One of my favorites is his my philosophy in a bottle of ketchup. That reminds me of the stories my grandma told me about how simple life was during her time. Two thumbs up for you, Sir Jan.

4. Angel Cuala of Father Blogger Dot Com - oh, father of all fathers? nah. . . But this man is promising, putting his life experiences into writing, sharing them in this world of blogs and being an angel to everyone's heart. He is an angel for his wife and daughter, because he's sweet in a very different way, and being a great father to his children. You are really an angel in disguise.

5. Irene of Lifelots - Want to learn about life? Bump into her blog, and you'll learn many things about life. Even young people learn, and that is what her blog is all about, life is a learning process.

6. Luke of A walk in the Dark – Talk about cyberspace, this blog is about techies, I ran to one of his post the A Bullet Proof System is Not Enough, that talks about your system protection and backup systems. His blog is very informative, especially about this cyberspace that we’re into.

7. Dee of Tales from the Mom Side – Moms know best right? This blog is made from the experiences of a loving mom. It’s Mother’s Best.

8. Kelvin Servigon of Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0 – Talk about innovations, new technologies, and even cars. Oh yeah, cars. I bumped into one of his posts the I Want a Mazda3 2010 Model, wow! I love that car too! Visit his blog - there are lots of things to discover.

9. Bingkee of I Love/Hate America – This blog is like putting me on the other side of the world, USA. If you want to know about things in that foreign soil, just drop by, there is a lot to know in her blog.

10. Holly Jahangiri of It’s all a matter of Perspective: Mine – Talks about many things, from food, barbies, books and a lot more. There is so much more to read in her wonderful blog.

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Holly Jahangiri said...

I'm stunned, flattered, grateful for your nomination - and very pleased to know that you liked my blog.

Yes, I do tend to ramble on about just about anything that pops into my mind. "Blog focus" just isn't in my vocabulary. My interests are varied; inspiration for what to write comes from everything going on around me.

jan geronimo said...

Hi Eugene,

Just call me Jan. And not Sir Jan. I wasn't knighted by the Queen of England, you know? Ahehehe.

Thanks a lot for voting WritingToExhale in your top 10 list of influential blogs. I appreciate it very much. I haven't lost my touch eh? Still clicking with my young audience. Yes!!!

Congrats as well to my fellow nominees. You all rock...

But Eugene rocks even harder. Thanks for this and the short but heartwarming description. Very much appreciated. Good luck with your studies. God bless! ",)

Eugene said...

Anytime Ms. Holly,

You are right, i like that to be able to find something and write about it even you just see a person or an object. Keep up the goodwork...^_^

Eugene said...

Ok Sir Jan, the way, maybe your one of the knights of King arthur? lolz...

Just keep up the goodwork, i know you all have a place on that top 10 list... Goodluck to you all!

jan geronimo said...

@Eugene - Not one of Knights of the Round Table, Eugene. A Jedi Knight I am.

Doc Z prefers to call me Yoda, but I object. I'm not qualified. I prefer to be called Anakin - before the fall out of grace. ",)

Jena Isle said...


Yes, these are the Jedi bloggers in your line up.

I like the clin chem bloggers' logo. Great work of art!

@Jan, @Holly, don't you agree?

zorlone said...


Thank you for the nomination! Here is my humble way of expressing my gratitude.


Hypothalamus commands and the body listens,
fight or flight, homeostasis, and growth - awaken.

Ever changing roles lifts this multiorgan system.
Mammals evolved with such a classic totem.

Topics presented like Supermedtech does,
deliver jaw falling reactions, all challengers breathe in dust.

Nay scores matter to this new hero's fearsome thrust,
a new hope for the future - admirable, courageous, and just.


zorlone said...


Excellent logo! You rock!


Eugene said...

WOW Dr Z. I like that poem! thank you, its wonderful....

My vote deserves you, because you are a great blogger with excellent work of art... ^_^

oh, thanks also for the logo, ^_^

Roy said...

thanks for the nomination!

sorry for coming in late

the logo rock!

by the way, try to develop your Supermedtech character... who knows, it could worth a franchise someday ;)

Eugene said...

No problem Sr Roy,

oh, about the logo, thanks for the praise,...

supermedtech? i'm still working on it, doing other styles to make him look better...


Janette Toral said...

Hi Eugene. This is to mark your entry as complete and included you in the raffle as well. Hope you can join us this Saturday.

Roy said...

nice meeting of all of you this afternoon

just in case we meet on the streets, and I don't greet you, don't get upset or mad at me, I have a poor memory when it comes to remembering people's faces... just give me nodge so I'll recognize you.


Dee said...

Hi Eugene,

Thank you very much for the nomination. Really appreciate it. See you around. :)

Luke said...

Thanks for nominating A Walk in the Dark, Eugene. You got it right--techie, it is. :) Sorry for being late here. Thanks again.